Bauer Vapor Flylite Int. Hockey Stick

$269.99 $189.99

The Bauer Vapor FlyLite Stick is the lightest and quickest-releasing retail stick Bauer Hockey has ever produced. By utilizing ADV-inspired ACL technology, the FlyLite weighs an incredible 387 grams (in senior) but can get the puck on net quicker and more accurate than ever before. 

Compared to the previous 1X LITE, the FlyLite boasts an 8% quicker release on snapshots and an 11% quicker shot release on slap shots courtesy of the brand new XE Elliptical Taper. The new rounded shape carries on the legacy of Easton's Elliptical Taper, the XE provides more accuracy and a quicker shot release with significantly less weight.

Aside from the ACL Technology, the FlyLite is well upgraded for better durability and better energy transfer through every shot. The TeXtreme Carbon Fiber in the shaft allows for better energy flow with its new unique asymmetrical design. DuraFlex Resin, basically the glue that holds the stick together, maintains the fresh, new-stick pop life longer. Bauer also reinforced the blade in key breakage points to provide players with a truly elite product that doesn't sacrifice durability.