HockeyWolf Gear Rental Package

With your online payment you agree to return any equipment issued to Hockeywolf in good condition.  A full seasons rental is August 15th - April 1st.  A half season is August 15th - December 31st or January 1st - April 1st. If equipment is not returned your card will be charged the full amount of $375.00 for the retail price of the gear.  The rental fee is non-refundable.

Items Included: Helmet-Shoulders-Elbows-Gloves-Hockey Pants-Shin Guards-Bag
*Skates Will be an extra $40.00 Charge

Items Included from Association: Hockey Jersey-Hockey Socks
Items Needed to Purchase: Jock-Mouthguard-Stick

After completing your online order you will be contacted via email to schedule an in-person fitting at HockeyWolf at Olympic View Arena.