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Bauer Supreme ADV 2019 Sr. Stick

SKU: bauer-1054275


Supreme ADV Hockey Stick is Bauer’s brand-new taper design, going by the name Sonic Taper Technology. This seven-sided shaft design at the bottom third of the stick helps reduce weight and decreases the amount of torqueing of the shaft on hard shots, therefore increasing energy transfer for maximum velocity. The optimized mid-kick flex profile of the Supreme ADV Hockey Stick allows players to lean into, and load up their shots, much easier than ever seen before. This flex profile, paired with Bauer’s new Sonic Taper, provides players with versatile, well-rounded performance, achieve maximum velocity on every shot type, that the Supreme line is known for, while also being able to get the puck off your blade quicker than ever before.

The Supreme ADV Hockey Stick is made up of Bauer’s TeXtreme 18K carbon fiber material, which helps the stick weigh in at an impressive 375 grams, without sacrificing it’s durability. The entire shaft also utilizes Bauer’s ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) Technology throughout inspired by the Vapor ADV, ACL technology is a design that uses strategically-placed fibers within the shaft, resulting in more durable and lightweight stick.

Continuing down to the blade, the Supreme ADV Hockey Stick features a new interior structure now known as the FastCore blade. This blade core consists of a lightweight outer foam paired to an ultra-responsive strike zone in the middle of the blade, giving players a reactive, but controlled, puck feel during stickhandling and shooting.


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