Warrior NOVIUM SP Youth Hockey Stick - 30 flex


Warrior Novium SP Youth hockey stick is an all-new explosive kick combined with a stable release. The Novium SP hockey stick is looking to be a great stick for the versatile two-way player on the ice.

The all-new Bevel Taper is a “V” shaped taper that is designed to be stiffer throughout the taper, and softer up by the hands. This provides increased control and improved velocity on shots. This will also allow the stick to load much higher and really give extra power and pop on both shots and passes.

For the construction of the stick, the Warrior Novium SP is lighter and tougher than ever thanks to the Minimus Carbon UD, which is a high strength, lightweight unidirectional carbon design that is more efficient and helps to keep the stick as durable as possible. Accompanying the Minimus Carbon UD is revolutionary lightweight construction 122 or RLC 122. This is a standard grade carbon construction that is optimized for durability and balance. High strength carbon is used throughout to provide the ultimate in strength and the blade is perfectly balanced to deliver an optimal feel. This ultimately will give you enhanced control and response.

Internally, Warrior equipped the Novium SP with Fuelcore Blade technology. Fuelcore is a lightweight polymer blade core that enhances puck feel and makes shots pop. To further increase the blade durability, Warrior has included a composite layering around the blade core and redesigned it to be stronger and tougher, helping the blade to breakdown less and adding to its longevity.

Brand Warrior
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Youth