Warrior Hockey

Warrior NOVIUM PRO Senior Hockey Stick


Warrior Novium Pro is the newest installment of top of the line mid-kick sticks. 

New to the Warrior stick line is the 'Bevel Taper'. The mid-kick point on this unique shaft construction with stiffness through the taper allows for increased control and improved shot velocity. The geometry of this stick improves response, is more stable, and plays with more strength. Warrior constructed the Novium Pro with Minimus Carbon 25. Built using a 25K carbon fiber weave, this creates a lightweight hockey stick that enhances puck feel and control. 

New for the Novium Pro stick is RLC 188, a revolutionary Lightweight Construction. This is Warrior’s highest-grade construction and uses the most advanced material selection to produce an extremely lightweight and durable stick. RLC 188 combines the latest modern carbon composites technology using lower weight fibers and thermoplastic toughened epoxy resin to provide velocity, feel and control. 

In the blade, Warrior uses their new redesigned FuleCore Ultra construction which reduces the breakdown of materials in the blade and increases the durability and feel. The lightweight polymer blade optimizes puck feel and provides pop for shooting. Warrior also included Minimus Carbon 25 weave around the core, making the blade more responsive.

The Novium Pro continues the evolution of the performance mid-kick stick.

  • Bevel Taper - increased control/improved velocity on shots
  • Minimus Carbon 25 - lighter/more durable stick
  • R.L.C. 188 - lightweight construction
  • Fuelcore Ultra blade - increased durability and feel.
  • Texturedblade - increased grip on the puck
Brand Warrior
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Senior