True Hockey

True HZRDUS Pro Senior Hockey Stick 2022


True Hzrdus Pro and Hzrdus Lite sticks are puck propelling tools with explosive response in a more durable, and lightweight package.

The True Hzrdus Pro hockey stick delivers on both performance and style at a cost-effective price point. With its premium chrome detail there is no doubt that this sticks pops on the ice and becomes the talk of the changeroom. Built for the player looking to take their game to the next level, the True Hzrdus Pro comes complete with an upgraded shaft and blade, reducing the overall weight of the stick for enhanced control. 

  • Weight: 415g
  • Premium Chrome decal
  • RESFLO: Focused Resin Flow (RESFLO) technology minimizes voids, resulting in a stronger, more consistent laminate.
  • TRT: Tri Rib Tech structure provides optimized durability in an ultra-lightweight design. Strategic Rib placements throughout the blade are designed to match puck impact points, providing a more stable blade structure on impact, leading to more accurate and powerful shots.
  • TRT+: TRT blade structure with using a braided carbon bottom rib for an EXTRA rigid blade.
  • PLD: Precision Laminate Design, emphasizes how fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. Designed to provide both stiffness and impact strength in every layer, PLD allows engineers to reduce weight and increase impact strength.


Brand True
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Senior