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True Project X Junior Hockey Stick

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A featherlight 355 grams that does not compromise impact strength, accuracy or puck feel.

The limited-edition True Project X Stick is the lightest and most advanced stick from True Hockey EVER. At an incredible 355 grams and an ultra-low kick point, Project X is here to take the elite and agile sniper to a whole new level.

With a whole new carbon fiber layering process called PLD or Precision Laminate Design, True was able to slash weight without completely sacrificing durability or accuracy. Project X takes a different approach than other super-light sticks though, its unique layup creates industry-leading impact strength and torsional stability in this category.

Inside of the blade, True Hockey used their BRT+ or Braided Rib Technology+ that again, sets itself apart from the super-light competition. The Project X doesn't compromise the stiff, lively blade construction that players looking for a low-kick stick want and need. This dual-rib system provides top-notch responsiveness and deadly accuracy on each and every shot.

Brand True
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Junior