Bauer AG5NT Junior Hockey Stick 50 flex

$269.99 $174.99


The latest Bauer innovation is more than just another advanced stick - it’s the start of a new chapter in hockey. Years in the making and built inside an ultra-classified corridor at the Bauer innovation lab, AG5NT contains a top-secret material “--------” that dares to change the game we know forever.

AG5NT is the only stick to utilize the unique properties of BORON – a revolutionary, ultra-lightweight fiber material with two key performance benefits: lightest Bauer stick ever and quickest release we’ve ever produced. BORON, in combination with carbon fiber, allows Bauer to produce our lightest stick yet, giving you an undeniable advantage. When fully loaded, AG5NT creates an energy boost that delivers the quickest Bauer release ever.

The formula is simple: BORON = lightest Bauer stick ever + quickest Bauer release ever.

Outside of the aerospace and defensive aeronautics industries, Bauer is the only brand in hockey holding exclusive rights with Specialty Materials Inc. – the only manufacturer in the world fusing BORON fibers with high-grade carbon fibers – making AG5NT unlike anything else in the game. When it comes to getting the puck off the blade faster, there simply is no comparison to AG5NT.

  • Monocomp one-piece construction.
  • DuraFlex Resin throughout the shaft to help increase impact resistance. 
  • Low-Kick Stick for quick releases.
  • Boron Fiber Technology is being used throughout the backside of the stick to increase durability and decrease weight.
  • Blade Core technology in the blade for added durability and pop.
  • Optimized Carbon Fiber layering in the shaft.
  • XE Taper Technology for improved stability
Brand Bauer
Flex Junior