CCM Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

$289.99 $231.99

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro is the newest Elite addition to the Ribcor family of sticks with new features upgrades like Skeleton+ technology, which will allow the stick to be more reliable and have better consistency. High performance Nanolite Carbon Layering technology combined with Sigmatex provides advanced layering of the fibers to help create a stick that is both lightweight and strong. CCM is keeping their popular E-Geometry shaft on the Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro.

The redesigned Skeleton+ taper is a new manufacturing technology which will provide better reliability and durability in this crucial area of the stick while allowing for better consistency and quicker shot release. Along with the exclusive skeleton+ taper design, the low kick point maximizes loading while driving an ultra-quick release. Agility blade with peel-ply technology has a thinner profile which allows for improved stick handling and feel while not compromising on release speed.

Key Features:

  • Nanolite Carbon Layering technology 
  • E-Geometry shaft
  • Skeleton+ Taper
  • Agility Blade with Peel-ply technology

Brand CCM

Quality  Pro/Elite

Sizing  Senior

Brand CCM
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Intermediate