CCM JETSPEED FT5 PRO Junior Hockey Stick

$249.99 $174.99

The New CCM Jetspeed FT5 Pro is sure to help you light up the lamp and make the crows go WILD! With the increased durability provided by the introduction of new player specific SIGMA STp Carbon weave, you are getting a stick that can take on the abuse of the game.

Jetspeed Hybrid Kickpoint created for players with a shoot-first mentality. They Hybrid kickpoint helps generate a hinge effect for a perfect balance between shot speed and response.

New SIGMA STp Carbon is specifically designed with players sticks in mind. Sigmatex's new carbon weave improves on previous generations durability and strength, all while allowing for a lighter and better balanced stick.

Nanolite carbon layering technology now combined with SIGMA STp Carbon weave to further enhacne the sticks lightness feel and durability.

  • Hybrid Kick point
  • Skeleton+ taper
  • Nanolite carbon layering shaft technology
  • R-Geometry shaft dimensions
  • RR-90 Blade with damp core & Peel-ply
Brand CCM
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Junior