Bauer Supreme ADV Intermediate Hockey Stick

$329.99 $199.99

Introducing the Bauer ADV Supreme hockey stick, the newest addition to Bauer’s Advanced Series line. Previously this model was only available in stores, but now, while limited supplies remain, Pure Hockey is offering this one of a kind high-end Supreme stick for online order.  

Bauer has constructed the ADV with a new Sonic Taper which at first glance looks like an air bubble. However, the design of the Sonic Taper has removed excess carbon layers to reduce weight and improve the energy transfer from handle to blade. Included in the taper is a substantial thickness on the shaft. It is a truly unique feel and it is unlike most if not all tapers Bauer has constructed before. 

All the technology Bauer has introduced into the shaft has created a completely new flex profile that makes it easier to load and release shots. Whether its ripping shots from the blue line or firing snappers from the slot, the ADV is engineered to find the back of the net.    

In the blade, Bauer implemented its FastCore Blade Technology. Starting in the heal,  lightweight Areofoam is used to reduced weight and improve balance and control. In the middle, the Energy Core stores and releases power into every shot without sacrificing control. Holding all this technology together is Bauer’s Carbon Bridge, designed to create a tight bond to seal the blade together. 

The Advanced Carbon Layering and Sonic taper combine to create the lightest Supreme stick Bauer has ever produced. At 375 grams, the ADV is a full 40 grams lighter than the Supreme 2S Pro. 

The Bauer ADV has combined and improved on several technologies to produce an unprecedented Supreme stick. The result is the lightest and most powerful stick to market in their Supreme lineup. If you're looking for an elite-level stick engineered for the pro game, the new Bauer ADV is a perfect option for any player looking for a lightweight and extremely powerful stick.  

  • FastCore Blade Technology
  • Sonic Taper – Using geometry to improve performance
  • Redesigned flex point for optimal load and release
  • Extremely lightweight
Brand Bauer
Hand RH
Hand LH
Flex Intermediate