CCM Jetspeed Control Intermediate Hockey Skates 2021


This skate has loads of upgraded features from the higher FT4 and FT4 Pro models in a more affordable package. The Control offers upgrades from the FT4 and FT Pro such as the XS Asymmetrical Tritech tongue, Totaldri Pro+ liner, the newly acquired Step Steel (+4mm), and more. You definitely want to check these skates out.

Skate Fit Profile
CCM has followed suit within the industry and made their skates more accessible to different foot shapes and profiles. New for the high-end Jetspeed line, and those to follow, will be tapered, regular, and wide fit options. The new system fits are a result of the most common shapes amongst the 3D Scan system introduced a couple of years ago. The Tapered fit will be most similar to the previous Jetspeed fit, whereas the Regular will be most like the Tacks line, and the Wide most like the previous Ribcore skates. For this price-point however, the Control will only be offered in Regular and Wide fit options.

Boot Construction & Stiffness Profile
The quarter package on the exclusive Jetspeed Control features the One-Piece boot made with RFM Composite. The one-piece design reduces the empty space within the boot for a better fit to maximize the energy transfer from the body though the skate and onto the ice.

The Jetspeed boot will continue to feature the middle stiffness level amongst CCM skates. This promotes a hybrid between speed and agility to maximize your overall quickness on the ice. The stiffness performance index indicates that the Control comes in at approximately 160. This is slightly less compared to the FT4 which sits at roughly 180.

The tendon guard continues to feature flexibility to increase the overall range of motion of the boot. The tendon guard flexes slightly forward and back to not limit the skater's stride strength.

Liner & Internal Padding
The liner on the top of the line Jetspeed skates is the TotalDri Pro+ liner. The moisture-wicking liner keeps your feet dry and the skates light during an ice session. The liner also helps in the post skate drying to help the boots be ready for the next time they’re put on.

The TotalDri Pro+ liner also features several sections of reinforcement in the common high-wear areas. This will increase the overall durability of the boot and maintain the long-term comfort inside the skate.

The internal padding features multi-density memory foam comfort pads to provide a comfortable wrap around the fit and to optimize the comfort of the skate. The injected smooth contour pro pad at the top of the boot provides additional comfort in a potential high pressure point area.

The Jetspeed Control comes with the same Asymmetrical Tritech tongue found on the FT4 skate. This is similar to previous renditions of the Jetspeed tongue, with the mult-layer metatarsal guard and 7mm white felt to improve ankle and foot wrap, as well as provide advanced lace-bite protection.

The tongue is also interchangeable. This allows a more customized fit and protection level. The available replacement options, or custom options are the Pro tongue with 10mm black felt, and the Lightweight 4mm tongue.

The CCM Ortholite Ultralite footbed in the FT4s is a lightweight insole to provide maximum comfort and support for your arches.

Lacing System
The Jetspeed line continues with the tried and true standard eyelet lacing system. The top eyelets are also reinforced for increased durability.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
After the recent acquisition of Step, high-end CCM skates will feature Step steel off the shelf. For the Jetspeed Control, the popular Step Stainless steel will come stock. The high-quality steel is known as one of the best steel on the market. The steel is also 4mm taller, increasing your attack angle and turning radius.

The CCM XS holder is mounted on the Control skates, providing the sturdy quick release system that has become standard amongst top end players around the world.

The graphic on the Jetspeed Control Skate is quite similar to the FT4. It adds the CCM Speed Max logo on the side of the boot and the FT4 Pro liner graphic as well. The flash but clean back red and white pattern will have the skate sure to be noticed.

Brand CCM
Level Performance
Sizing Intermediate