CCM Ribcor Titanium Senior Hockey Skates 2020

$329.99 $229.99

CCM Ribcor Titanium Hockey Skate is the CCM 44K Ribcor intensified for maximum skating performance and elite comfort. Blending the best elements of two different CCM skate models the unique Ribcor Titanium Skate.

Upgraded to a felt tongue with lace bite protection that will deliver elite level comfort and pro-level performance.

  • QUARTER: Injected with Composite Mesh Skin - Durable boot with structural stiffness
  • OUTSOLE: Reinforced Injected Outsole with Exhaust System - Solid energy transfer profile
  • FOOTBED: CCM Anatomical Response - Provides great support and comfort
  • HOLDER: Speedblade 4.0 - Increased attack angle providing greater strides and cornering
Brand CCM
Level Performance
Sizing Senior