Bauer Vapor X3.5 Intermediate Hockey Skates

$169.99 $127.49

Rounding out the Vapor collection is the Bauer Vapor X3.5 Int. Hockey Skates. Bauer built this skate from their newly introduced 3D Poly Carbon quarters to bring outstanding visual richness. The X3.5 is designed to be an easy-to-skate-on boot for the recreational skater.

Skate Fit Profile
Bauer has constructed the Vapor X3.5 with the focus on the recreational level hockey players. In this skate, Bauer has stayed with the traditional fitting style which fits a narrower foot profile. This skate comes in the size range 7-12 in D width.

Boot Construction & Stiffness Profile
The composition of the Vapor X3.5 consists of the 3D Poly Carbon quarter package. This allows the boot to have the right portion of support and flexibility for the recreational player looking to enjoy the game. This structure compliments Vapor's narrow tapered fit nicely.

Liner & Internal Padding
Bauer has also updated the liner to a soft MicroFiber liner and extended the material through the inner tongue to amplify the comfort level of the skate. The ankle padding consists of Lightweight Memory Foam for optimal comfort and heel lock. The MicroFiber liner absorbs moisture in the boot to keep it as dry as possible.

The Vapor X3.5 comes with the classic 40oz Felt Tongue with a Mesh Metatarsal guard on the face to provide comfort and protection against lace bite. The guard also gives the tongue a little more spring during your stride.

The X3.5 comes with your standard Form Fit footbed. This insole allows your foot to stay secure to the bed of the boot. It also increases the control and blade contact you have while skating.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
At the recreational level, the X3.5 comes with the LS Pro 2 holder. This holder does not feature the trigger system to interchange the blade. That being said the Stainless Steel provided is a great blade for the recreational players.

Following the graphics of the 3x Pro model, the X3.5 is slightly toned down without any neon yellow colour pop and a sleek black instead of the grey. This is a great looking skate with a more traditional look to it.

Brand Bauer
Level Recreational
Sizing Intermediate