Bauer Vapor HYPERLITE Senior Hockey Skates

$1,059.99 $794.99
  Pulse -$50 /each (one per item)
  Pulse Ti /each (one per item)
  Carbonlite $69.99/each (one per item)

Please note: Bauer Vapor Hyperlite skates are sold as complete skates only.  Blades/Steel/Runners can be selected during the checkout process

Accelerate faster and maximize agility: The Hyperflex Facing has integrated flex zones to increase wrap and forward flex for greater side-to-side stability while the Hyperflex Outsole is uniquely constructed with a first-of-its-kind material, positioned in the heel to maximize quickness in acceleration and agility through turns.

Weight reduction and comfort: Aerolite foam material helps create a lighter skate, while maintaining the right amount of support, comfort, protection and flexibility.

Gain an edge with your choice of steel: Carbonlite, Pulse Ti, or Pulse

Brand Bauer
Level Elite
Sizing Senior