Bauer Vapor HYPERLITE Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads


Bauer Vapor HYPERLITE shoulder pads. 

The Vapor Hyperlite provides elite level protection in the lightest package available on the market. The Aerolite shoulder cap, Shocklite foam insert in the Sternum/Spine and EXOLite skin are engineered to absorb impace energy.

THERMOCORE Zero liner is treated to manage sweat and odor, and provide a cooling effect to keep you fresh.

  • Elite/Pro Inspired
  • Aerolite Cap w/ CONNEKTOR
  • Flexprene vest
  • Spine and Rib protection
  • Lightweight Aerolite 2.0 Shoulder Cap
  • Floating Hyperlite HD sternum with SHOCKLITE foam insert
  • Full coverage vest with rib reinforcement
  • One-piece EXOLite skin with Sleeve-fit closure
  • THERMOCORE Zero liner
Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Size Senior