Bauer Supreme 3S PRO Intermediate Hockey Shin Guards


Maximum mobility with great protection
AMP technology gives the shin guard our patented split cap design, engineered to provide optimal flex during the skating stride, allowing for more flex in the knee area and compression in the ankle portion.

Superior performance
Be confident playing in traffic without any compromise on your ability to be fast.

Keeps you dry
A THERMO MAX+ liner is infused with an anti-microbial and anti-odor sweat management system.

Level - Performance
Upgrades - AMP Split cap design
Sizes - 13in, 14in
Lining Material - THERMO MAX+
Liner - Molded comfort liner
Strapping - Anchor straps
Shin Cap - Anatomically molded with AMP segmentation
Knee Cap - New ErgoDynamic Lab knee cap provides deeper fit
Calf Guard - Molded calf guard with PE insert
Knee Wing - MD foam insert
Thigh Protector - Flexible construction with HD foam
Brand Bauer
Quality Performance
Size Senior
Size Junior