CCM Jetspeed Control Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads '23


The CCM JetSpeed Control shoulder pad is built from the JetSpeed FT 680 model, but with improved ventilation and upgraded mobility in the shoulder caps and floating clavicles.

  • Exposed mid-density foam front base jacket with ventilation ports.
  • Perforated foam panels along the back.
  • JDP Shoulder caps.
  • Improved mobility construction inspired by the FT6 shoulder pads.
  • Cosmetic design inspired by the look of the FT6 Pro shoulder pads, with a chrome jewel logo.
  • Floating clavicles like the FT6 shoulder pads with strapping for better mobility.
  • Molded HD Foam Hybrid shield Sternum with ventilation ports like the FT6 shoulder pads.
  • Molded PE plastic guards at the following areas:
    • Along the spine.
    • On the shoulder caps.
    • On the bicep guards.
Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Size Senior