True Hockey

True Catalyst 7X Senior Hockey Gloves


Aside from the palm and exterior, the 7X sports the same protection package, flex cuff, and three-piece thumb and fingers as the Catalyst 9X but at a more affordable price.

Pro-grade 20mm EPP Foam with plastic inserts covers the backhand and fingers for elite-level impact protection without hindering mobility. With strategic shaping to the foam package, the glove flexes better than ever for increased dexterity while stickhandling, shooting, or passing.

The 7X includes the new three-piece thumb making a significant difference in gripping the stick without sacrificing gaps in protection or hyperextension. In conjunction is the flex cuff, which features five separate segments for optimal wrist mobility. A hard molded segment ensures sealed coverage and elite-level slash protection when the wrist is locked.

A classic Nash palm receives an AX Suede overlay to give players a fantastic balance of stick feel and durability to wear and tear. On the backside, True used a multi-material shell of premium nylons and TPU branding for a professional-level look.

  • Tapered; Snug fingers/backhand; Relaxed Cuff
  • XC7 Black Nash Z-Palm
  • 20MM EPP Foam with Plastic Inserts (Fingers/Backhand)
  • TrueFlex3 Thumb
  • 5 Piece Cuff



Brand True
Quality Performance
Size Senior