CCM Jetspeed FT680 Senior Hockey Gloves

SKU: # ccm-HG680-SR

JETSPEED FT680 hockey gloves offer top-shelf durability and comfort for hockey players of all skill levels. Not only are they reinforced and filled with high-quality PE foam, offering an unbelievably durable soft feel, but they also provide a competitive combination of protection and unrestricted wrist movements. Crafted with breathable mesh and lightweight polyester, you can trust these gloves to keep your hands safe during those intense games without getting hot or sweaty.

  • Pro quality mesh + lightweight polyester construction
  • Laminated liner w/ PU foam cushing
  • PE foam + PE insert fingers
  • Pro flexthumb
  • Sensalast palm + sublimated reinforcement
  • Short pre-angled one piece open cuff
  • PE foam + PE insert backhand
Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Size Senior