Warrior Alpha LX Pro Senior Elbow Pads


These pads are completely redesigned to give players superior mobility, fit, and protection. This model is an excellent option for elite-level players who are looking to get the most out of their protective equipment.

The new Alpha LX line elbow pads are constructed to provide a superior fit and excellent protection. Warrior uses a three-piece design for the LX Pro, allowing for natural movement and maximum dexterity of the elbow which gives you the mobility you’re looking for from a top-of-the-line pad.

Warrior’s LX Pro shell provides added protection in key impact zones by using compression molded EVA IMPAX foam. This foam combined with lightweight ergonomically molded slash and bicep guards provides an additional level of protection where it’s needed most. 

The LX Pro includes a Versatile Sling Wrap strap system that now has Fantom Stretch to secure the elbow into the engineered elbow pocket. This technology will provide a comfortable fit and protect against impacts throughout the game. 

For added comfort, this top-of-the-line model also includes the Wartech FNC Stretch Sleeve powered by Polygiene. Warrior’s Wartech FNC liner, a high-end technology, provides a great feel, while the compression-like sleeve takes this technology to the next level, offering a secure fit that will keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

  • Three-piece design allowing for natural movement
  • Compression molded EVA IMPAX foam added in key impact zones for better protection
  • Versatile strap system now with Fantom Stretch that secures the elbow
  • WarTech FNC Sleeve with polygiene to keep you cool, dry and odor free
Brand Warrior
Quality Pro Elite
Size Senior