Warrior Hockey

Warrior Alpha LX 40 Senior Elbow Pads


These pads are completely redesigned to give players superior mobility, fit, and protection. This model is an excellent option for beginner players looking for something that fits well and offers protection at a lower price point. 

The new Alpha LX line elbow pads are constructed to provide a superior fit and excellent protection. Warrior also uses a Two-piece design allowing for maximum dexterity of the elbow, which gives you the mobility you’re looking for and combining it with maximum coverage.

The LX 40 has lightweight slash and bicep guards and a mesh fabric liner giving you protection while keeping you cool and dry throughout the game.

Warrior implements great technologies in the Alpha LX 40, providing players with the comfort, mobility, and protection. If you are new to hockey or just starting out these elbow pads will provide mobility and protection and an affordable price.

  • Lightweight slash guards and bicep guards
  • Lay flat straps
  • Mesh fabric liner to keep you cool and dry
Brand Warrior
Quality Recreational
Size Senior