CCM NEXT Senior Hockey Elbow Pads


CCM Next Elbow Pad provides reliable protection in a featherlight design for recreational level of play.

Compress-molded EVA foam and PE insert for 360-degree forearm protection against stick contact and pucks. A hard molded plastic construction to guard against spills and collisions while a soft comfort foam enhances fit.

A two-piece construction and three-strap closure system to help secure the elbow pad all game long. A slip-on elastic bicep sleeve design that elevates comfort and maximizes mobility for stick handling, shooting, and passing.

  • 2 Piece construction
  • Compress Molded EVA Foam + PE Insert Forearm
  • PE Cap with JDP Construction + Donut Hole Elbow
  • Articulated Bicep w/ Molded PE Plastic Insert
  • Simplified Three Strap closure
Brand CCM
Quality Recreational
Size Senior