Bauer Supreme Matrix Intermediate Hockey Gloves S21


The Bauer Supreme Matrix SR Hockey Gloves have been specifically designed to deliver tremendous value in an elite level glove. This glove takes features from higher end models like the UltraSonic and 3S Pro and packages them into an exclusive glove. With Bauer's new AMP (Active Motion Protection) cuff, ShotBoost fingers, and Hyper Sense finger liner, the Supreme Matrix offers utility like no other at this price point.

External Material
Externally, the Supreme Matrix is covered with a lightweight polyester mesh shell with a PU overlay in high wear areas. This material keeps the glove very lightweight and increases the longevity of the glove.

Finger Design & Backhand Protection
The Supreme Matrix features Bauer’s new Shot boost fingers. This design is a three-piece split middle and ring finger that optimizes stick control when shooting, giving players better accuracy. It is a very subtle design change, but makes a huge difference in performance. The fingers and backhand are protected by dual density foam, lined with PE (polyethylene) inserts in high contact areas. This lightweight foam provides elite level protection that is found in the top of the line UltraSonic glove.

Thumb Design
The Supreme Matrix is equipped with Bauer’s patented 2-piece flex lock thumb that will protect your thumbs from impacts and hyperextension. By allowing the glove to bend with your thumb, it does not expose any parts of the thumb while gripping the stick. It also allows you more flexibility, and a greater range of motion in your hand movements.

Cuff Design
The cuff roll on the Matrix is equipped with AMP (Active Motion Protection). This technology not only provides great protection, but also allows for an exceptional amount of wrist motion. AMP sanctions the glove to mimic your movements - meaning as your wrist moves, the cuff roll seamlessly moves as well.

Palm Material & Gussets
Providing an amazing stick connection is the Stretch Connekt Palm. It is constructed with a black microsuede and nash fingertips. The palm features a stretch insert at the base of the fingertips to give players that extra edge in their stick handling.

Internally, the Thermo Max liner has been added to the backhand of the glove to evaporate moisture and keep the glove dry. Additionally, the Matrix glove is equipped with Bauer's Hyper Sense finger liner as well. This also keeps the fingers dry, and offers a great connection and feel to the stick.

Sizes & Colors
The Bauer Supreme Matrix Senior Hockey Glove comes in the sizes 14” and 15”. It also comes in the colourways (Black/White, Black/Red, Navy, and Black). Check out our size guide to find your perfect match.

Brand Bauer
Quality Performance
Size Intermediate