CCM Jetspeed FTW Women's Shoulder Pads


The CCM Jetspeed FTW Womens Shoulder Pads were designed specifically for women with the help of pro-level female players. The pads feature an adjustable strapping system to ensure that perfect wraparound fit. By using lightweight, low-profile materials that also provide pro-level protection, CCM has managed to find the perfect balance between coverage and maneuverability. 

Shoulder Caps & Protection
The shoulder caps are low-profile and made from impact absorbing D30 Smart Material. By using D30, the caps offer a high level of protection while also being lightweight. CCM also added floating clavicle protection around the collar for extra padding in a key impact area. 

Sternum Protection
CCM innovatively designed a chest and sternum piece that is adjustable and designed to conform to any body type. It is made from premium molded foam to increase comfort as well as protection. 

Spine Protection
The FTW womens shoulder pads have an Anatomical Molded PE spine that provides maximum coverage and protection without sacrificing movement. 

Bicep Protection
The CCM FTW women’s shoulder pads have height-adjustable floating biceps to allow for that perfect custom fit in the arms. These low profile pads provide minimal restriction and increase comfort. 

The interior of the Jetspeed FTW shoulder pads is lined with nylon to keep a lightweight, flexible feel. 

Abdominal Protection Piece
The abdominal piece can be both adjusted or fully removed to whichever fit you like.

The CCM Jetspeed FTW Women’s Shoulder Pads come in sizes small, medium, and large.

Brand CCM
Size Senior