CCM Jetspeed FT4 PRO Hockey Shoulder Pads - Senior

$209.99 $146.99

These new lightweight pads have been optimized to provide the ultimate range of movement while featuring new technologu to keep you safe from impacts.

Elite level play in a lightweight, very protective and mobile shoulder pads.

  • All-new amplified mobility design with molded Zotefoam, for maximum freedom of movement and mobility while keeping the player dry and light throughout the game
  • Superior freedom of movement
  • Ultra-light Ufoam constructed shoulder caps - solid protection in a lightweight package
  • High-density molded foam Bicep pad with length adjustment for a custom fit on the arm
  • Zotefoam protection, the perfect balance of lightweight and protection
  • Removable belly pad which provides extra coverage if needed.
  • Hybrid shield sternum & spine protection with HDPE plastics
  • Floating clavicle coverage with HD molded foams
  • Liner-free design that allows the closed cell Zotefoam to do its job by not absorbing sweat and weighing you down.
Brand CCM
Quality Pro Elite
Size Senior