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True Hockey AX7 Junior Shoulder Pads

SKU: # true-ax7j-sp

The True AX7 Shoulder Pads offers a truly customizable fit with hits of elite-level protection. Perfect for the speedy, crafty player, the AX7 also offers incredible mobility with low-profile coverage.

Three new technologies bring a ton of value at this price point: AeroShield, HexaShield, and Absor Foam. For extremely sensitive areas such as the sternum and spine, AeroShield offers the protection you need against blocked shots or similar impacts. Surrounding both is Absor Foam, a protective foam that absorbs impact energy. Lastly, HexaShield brings you breathable protection on the front panel to keep you cool and protected.

Circling back to fit, the AX7 offers pin-point adjustment in the shoulder caps and bicep guards. With length adjustability, players can make sure the shoulder caps properly sit on top of their shoulders and any gap is sealed between the elbow pads.

Brand True
Quality Performance
Size Junior