CCM Tacks Vector Senior Hockey Pants '20

$79.99 $64.99

The CCM Tacks Vector Hockey Pants are an exclusive product, that has upgraded features providing value to the player.

External Material
The shell of the Vector Pant is full Nylon construction protecting against abrasions.

Thigh Protection
The Tacks Vector Pants features PE Foam and Inserts for thigh guards. This gives the player good protection from charlie horse type contact.

Hip & Kidney Protection
Your hips will be protected by JDP hip caps, and reinforced with PE foams. JDP, short for Joint Dispersing Protection, comes exactly as advertised. It is designed to minimize direct impacts, and disperse it away from your hip bone. The kidneys are protected with a molded PE cap, offering hard surface protection front impacts.

Spine Protection
The spine protector on the Vector is integrated into the pant and is constructed with molded HD foams and PE inserts. This will keep your back covered from any unwanted contact on your lower spine.

Waist Closure
The waist closure of the Vector pants is a two-part design. You have the hook and loop closure allowing you to cinch the pants up. There is also a skate lace-up to help close up snug up the fit of your pants tight.

Leg Zippers
There are leg zippers built into the inner legs of the pants to allow for a wider leg opening.

Sizes & Colors
The CCM Tacks Vector SR Hockey Pants are available in sizes Small through Extra Large, and come in the color Black.

Brand CCM
Size Senior