CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Junior Hockey Gloves


The newest edition of the CCM Jetspeed gloves features the FT4 Pro Senior Hockey Gloves. The Jetspeed line has always focused on mobility, lightweight, but with solid protection. The FT4 Pro’s will accentuate your soft hands and quick stick handling ability. With a modern back roll design, the gloves provide an anatomical fit to form naturally around the hand.

External Material
The external material of the FT4 Pro is a combination of a pro approved polyester and synthetic leather covering the lightweight protective foam. This combo creates a durable but lightweight exterior for the glove designed to stand up to elite level play and many ice times per week.

Finger Design & Backhand Protection
Premium Zotefoam®, high density foam, and plastic inserts are found in the fingers and the backhand of the CCM FT4 Pro gloves. The dense material provides extreme protection at a very light weight and is optimized to offer maximum dexterity. The additional inserts will help with any slashes or shot blocking to absorb and dissipate the impact across a greater surface area.

Thumb Design
The FT4 Pro features the Pro Flexthumb construction, which is a 2-piece thumb that allows for a greater range of motion and increased grip in the stick. The thumb is not locked in place which also improves the comfort level of the gloves.

Cuff Design
The cuff on the newest Jetspeed glove is a short pre-angled open Flexcuff. The short cuff increases the range for wrist movements and flexibility so the gloves will not hinder your hands whatsoever. The short cuff also helps with the compatibility of your elbow pads.

Palm Material & Gussets
The FT4 Pro gloves feature the Pro Clarino palm with Pro Clarino reinforced high wear areas from the previous generation. The tried and true palms are designed to last but maintain comfort and feel while using the gloves. The seamless palm-to-inside cuff transition really maximizes comfort as well.

The liner of the FT4 Pro gloves features CCM’s Polygiene treated laminated liner with lightweight foam. This ultra comfortable liner is very breathable and absorbent keeping your hands dry throughout the game. The antimicrobial Polygiene material aids in the reduction of odor-causing bacteria to reduce the amount of glove stink.

Sizes & Colors
The CCM FT4 Pro junior gloves come in a variety of colours and sizes. The junior sizes are 11” and 12”, each with the options of Black/White, Navy/White, Black/Red/White, or Navy/Red/White.

Brand CCM
Quality Pro Elite
Size Junior