Warrior Alpha DX Senior Elbow Pads


The Warrior Alpha DX Elbow Pads are even lighter and more mobile than ever. The DX elbow pads now have a three-piece construction to maximize player's mobility in all aspects of the game. Players and opponents receive optimal protection from Warrior's Two-Timer protection which is medium-density foams on top of the molded plastic elbow cap. The forearm features Warrior's new DX Shell, a compression-molded EVA foam with a unique Shell Skin texture to increase impact protection.


Both the bicep and forearm guards have molded plastic inserts lined with medium-density foams to protect players from slashes, the most common source of impact energy. The DX has a slimmer profile this year and features Warrior's new WarTech Sleeve. Much like a compression fit, the WarTech sleeve adds comfort and keeps the arm dry by wicking away moisture. The sleeve has been treated with Polygiene to impede odor-causing bacteria from forming. The DX also utilizes the three-piece strapping system with a neoprene Sling Y-Strap that locks the elbow into the anatomical elbow pocket.

Brand Warrior
Quality Performance
Size Senior