CCM Jetspeed Control Senior Elbow Pads '21


The CCM Jetspeed Control SR Hockey Elbow Pads were specifically designed for Source for Sports to bring elite level players the best features and value. The Control combines features from the FT485 and adds upgrades from the FT4 to give you the best bang for your buck in a competitive level elbow pad.

A redesigned hybrid 3-piece construction allows flexibility to the lower part of your forearm where a traditional 2-piece design doesn’t.

Bicep & Forearm Protection
The floating bicep pad features a molded plastic insert and provides high-caliber coverage around the bicep area, while the molded plastic insert on the forearm does a good job managing protection against slashes and other impacts.

Elbow Cap
With a combination of molded JDP caps and exposed foam overlay, the elbow cap is designed to disperse impact force away from the elbow joint.

Strapping System
An upgraded 3-strap system that features a mix of features from the FT4 and FT485 for a fully customizable fit. The top strap features a traditional stretch elastic, the middle strap is the upgraded Lock-Strap taken from the FT4 model, and a non-stretch nylon lower strap does a great job to anchor in the fit.

An upgraded sublimated performance liner designed to wick sweat away, help keep you locked in and helps keep the elbow pad dry throughout the game.

The CCM Jetspeed Control Senior Hockey Elbow Pads are available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Check out our size guide to find the perfect fit.

Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Size Senior