CCM Super Tacks Vector Plus Senior Elbow Pads '20


The CCM Tacks Vector Plus Hockey Elbow Pad is a Source for Sports Exclusive product. The Vector Plus is based off the Tacks 9040 Elbow, with upgraded features giving you added value.

The Vector Plus Elbow pad is a two-piece constructed elbow pad, that is ergonomically shaped to your forearm, elbow and upper arm. The upper bicep guard is a separate piece attached to the forearm and elbow protection, giving your arms range of motion when skating and controlling the puck.

Bicep Protection
The bicep guard on the Vector Plus is it’s own piece of protection the moves with your arm as you need it. The bicep is protected with a molded PE insert, and has extended protection that gives you extra coverage on the outside part of your elbow.

Forearm Protection
The forearm of the Vector Plus has a molded PE guard that wraps your forearm comfortably, while providing you good coverage.

Elbow Cap
The elbow cap features JDP (Joint Dispersing Protection) that is designed to disperse impact away from your elbow joint.

Strapping System
The strapping system features 3 separate straps; a bicep guard strap, a lycra mesh strap internal strap, and a forearm strap. The bicep features a standard elastic bicep strap with velcro to lock in place. The forearm features two separate straps. The first strap, an upgrade from the Tacks 9060, is a lycra mesh piece that helps secure the elbow pad in place, and prevent the elbow pad from slipping. The second strap is attached to the forearm protection which overlays the lycra mesh strap, to fasten the forearm guard securely.

The liner of the Vector Plus elbow features a nylon fabric, yellow in the bicep guard, and black in the elbow and forearm protection.

The CCM Tacks Vector Plus SR Elbow Pad is available in sizes; Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Brand CCM
Quality Pro Elite
Size Senior