CCM Jetspeed Control Junior Elbow Pads '19


Building on the successful QuickLite line, the CCM Jetspeed Control Junior elbow pads offer excellent lightweight mobility without sacrificing protection.

When looking closer at the protection, the Jetspeed Contol features a 3 Piece Design with Dry Foam Liner. Having 3 separate pieces attached in unison to your arm creates a level of mobility unseen in the past.

The Forearm protection offers molded polyurethane foam with extended coverage. The elbow cap of the Control features a JDP inspired PE cap that redirects the impact around the joint with a great fit.

The improved strapping system features an Anatomical Neoprene middle strap along with a Nylon forearm strap. These straps combined with the Bicep strap, create a locked-in fit to your body.

Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Size Junior