Bauer Vapor X-SHIFT PRO Junior Hockey Elbow Pads S20

$99.99 $64.99

The Vapor X Shift Pro elbow pad is a three-piece construction featuring sublimated THERMO MAX technology and molded PE inserts, making this elbow pad lightweight, and moisture-wicking. You will stay dry and have full arm mobility while on the ice.

The three-piece construction allows for full arm mobility and ensures all key areas are fully protected with molded foams and PE inserts.

Bicep & Forearm Protection
Bauer has used Molded foams and PE inserts for the bicep and vent armour for the forearm protection on the Vapor X Shift Pro elbow pad. 

Elbow Cap
The X Shift Pro elbow pads have Bauer’s new anatomically molded 3-piece cap.The three piece design increases mobility while locking your elbow in place ensuring that you will feel confident you’re fully protected from impacts.

Strapping System
The Vapor X Shift Pro elbow pad comes with a Venteprene lock strap that allows for a secure fit without any rotation, sliding, or discomfort.   

Bauer’s one-piece comfort liner with sublimated THERMO MAX technology helps to regulate temperature and wick away moisture keeping you dry during your ice time. 

The Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro Senior Hockey Elbow Pads are available in three sizes; Small, Medium, and Large.

Brand Bauer
Quality Performance
Size Junior