Bauer Supreme ULTRASONIC Intermediate Goal Skates


The Ultrasonic Goal Skate is for the elite goalie. We focused in on 3 key areas; best weight, best attack angle, and best energy transfer. We've been able to shave weight by continuing to use a Curv composite quarter and by adding AEROFOAM PRO ankle padding to provide great comfort with lightweight features. A smaller profile asymmetrical toe cap gives us the best attack angle on the market. And for energy transfer we're utilizing UNIBODY TECHNOLOGY for better pushes out of the butterfly. With the debut of Ultrasonic skates, we're introducing a new depth and fit. This added depth to the ankle provides better out-of-the-box fit and added stability. It comes in senior and intermediate and will have the new Supreme depth and wrap of 151 millimeters.

Level: Elite

Upgrades: New Supreme Depth, New LS5 steel, Integrated Wrap Outsole, Low Profile Asymmetrical Toe Cap, 40Oz Pro Felt Tongue, Aerofoam Pro Ankle Padding,

Sizes: 7-12 Full And Half D, EE

Quarter Package: 3D Lasted Carbon Curv Composite

Lining Material: Lock Fit Pro

Ankle Padding: Aerofoam Pro

Tongue Construction:40 oz. Pro Felt

Thermoformable: Anaform Upper

Outsole: Integrated Wrap

Runner: LS5G Carbon coated stainless steel

Toe: Low Profile Asymmetrical

Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Intermediate