Warrior Ritual G5 Intermediate Goal Leg Pads

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The Warrior Ritual G5 Pro leg pads have been refined by years of constant development by Pete Smith and the team at Warrior Goalie. With a cleaner construction and a thinner stiffer profile overall, as well as maximized coverage with the CoverEDGE+ technology the Warrior G5 Pro pads take the unique Warrior formula to another level. 

External Material
The Ritual G5 Pro pads use a traditional synthetic leather construction on the outside of the pad. This doesn’t mean that it is missing innovation however. Warrior has optimized the angles of the front face of the pad (blocker and trapper too!) to present the most possible surface to the shooter and cut down on angles on the outside of the pad. The AIRslide technology is still present on the G5 pads, as taken from the G4. Additionally the outer roll of the pad is slimmed down to allow for a tighter seal to the post.

Internal Construction
The Pro Warrior G5 goalie pads use Warrior’s Hypercomp material in the thigh-rise to ensure the thin and light profile both gives off hard rebounds and maintains its shape over the life of the pad. The HD foams throughout the pad and knee stacks make the pad extremely solid in the butterfly, as you would expect from Warrior.

Pad Break
The G5 Pro pads feature a single break in the outer roll to allow for a reasonable amount of flex. This flex helps get that perfect five hole seal when in the butterfly.

Boot Angle & Toe Taper
The G5 Pro has a soft, 60-degree boot to create a more reactive feeling. This benefits the user by being in sync with each movement and reducing any restriction when moving.

Knee Cradle 
The G5 Pro’s come with an adjustable knee cradle that will prevent you from missing or falling off of the pad while also providing you with more stability in your butterfly. Similar to previous Warrior models, the G5 Pro’s also include an adjustable knee flap for those who prefer a tighter fit.

Knee & Thigh Protection
Each set of Ritual G5 Pro’s will come with the Ritual G5 SR Knee Pad included in the laundry bag as an added bonus.

The G5 Pro comes with similar strapping to the previous years model where Warrior has included an adjustable knee/upper calf strap, one main calf strap and the active response boot strap. 

Brand Warrior
Quality Performance
Sizing Intermediate