CCM AXIS PRO Senior Goal Leg Pads


CCM Axis Goalie Leg Pads are a butterfly goalies dream come true, providing unmatched rebound power, unlike any other CCM leg pad before them. Inside the leg pad's core is CCM's LiteXcore and Max Rebound+ Technology. Together they make the Axis Leg Pads extremely lightweight and explode rebounds with the best possible control in order for goalies to set themselves up for the next play.

Covering the exterior is CCM's Speed Skin Technology, known for its design in helping goalies quickly make their cross-crease movements. It also is an extremely durable material, helping resist wear and tear to further increase the leg pad's lifespan.

Everything about the inside edge is meant to give goalies the best possible seal and five-hole coverage. It has a 3D grip and injection-molded EPP foam knee raiser to not only give goalies incredible stability but also give them elite-level protection to the inside of the knee.

Carried over from their Premier Line, CCM's Quick Motion Strapping System works perfectly with the leg pad's core technologies, allowing goalies to have the very best leg rotation when dropping and recovering from the butterfly. It doesn't use any heavy leather straps, only lightweight adjustable Velcro so goalies can get the perfect fit each and every time.

Brand CCM
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior