Bauer Vapor X2.7 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

SKU: # bauer-gl-1054795

The Bauer X2.7 senior goalie pad is considered the hybrid style pad in the Bauer line vs. the Supreme line which is their blocking/butterfly style pad.  The Vapor pad is softer and has more pre-mold curve compared to the Supreme goalie pads.  The Vapor X2.7 goalie pads have enough flex to be worn by a hybrid goalie pad but enough strength and rigidity to perform the butterfly and butterfly slides fast and easily.


  • Level: Recreational
  • Key Upgrades: Dynamic Flex Core; Free-Flex 100 Degree Boot; Offset Monster H.A.L Toe Attachment; Upgraded Synthetic Material
  • Core/Insert: Dynamic Flex Core
  • Flex Profile: Flex Point Above And Below The Knee
  • Material: Upgraded Synthetic Material
  • Strapping: Tune Fit Strapping System
  • Leg Channel: Soft Nash Material
  • Calf Wrap: Nylon Matching Color
  • Boot Flex: Free-Flex 100 Degree Boot
  • Knee Block: 45 Degree
  • Knee Landing: New Flat Construction
  • Logos: Screen Print
  • Toe: Offset Monster H.A.L Toe Attachment
Brand Bauer
Quality Recreational
Sizing Senior