Bauer Supreme ULTRASONIC Senior Leg Pads


The Ultrasonic Goal Pad is made for the elite goalie. The Ultrasonic features our newest innovation, stabilislide Knee Block, which prevents under and over-rotation to provide the goalie with a perfect ice seal. That's only one part of how Bauer has re-engineered the butterfly. Bauer has a new 151 Degree Shocklite Core which gives the pad a better overall shape AND better position on the leg. It is reinforced with Curv to add to the seal, and a Butterfly Assist calf pillow which works with a new calf plate to enhance the seal. Bauer has evolved their Tune fit strapping, it now features a connect strap the adds stability below the knee, which is removeable if the goalie prefers to play without it. Finally, a Connect Flex 125 degree boot, which is Bauer's traditional Supreme angle, now offers a more flexible game-ready feel.

Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior