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Warrior Ritual X3 Pro Senior Goal Chest Protector

SKU: # warrior-RX3CSP1

New in 2021, the Warrior Ritual X3 Pro SR Chest Protector provides great protection in a lightweight package. Streamlined arms and shoulders allow for maximum mobility, while X-Foam and HyperComp technology keep you heavily protected. ShockShield technology is utilized in the biceps to allow for maximum protection.

External Material
Warrior uses nylon and mesh on the exterior of the X3 Pro chest protector. This provides durability while still being comfortable. As well, it allows this chest protector to be breathable preventing you from overheating while you’re on the ice.

Internal Foams
The Ritual X3 Pro uses X-Foam technology and HyperComp Reinforced Protection. Not only does this provide the goalie with maximum protection, but comfortability and mobility as well.

Shoulder Caps
The Warrior X3 Pro uses a streamlined Maximum Coverage Shoulder Floater. As well, Warrior uses HyperComp Reinforcement which comes together to create mobile and maximum coverage shoulder caps.

Adjustable Arms & Protection
Warriors Ritual X3 Pro Chest protector comes with fully adjustable arm channels as well as easy adjustment lace in arms to allow for maximum fitment.

Elbow Caps
The Elbow caps of the Ritual X3 Pro are a hard plastic with a comfortable, protective material lining the inside which provides protection and comfort.

Back Straps
A fully adjustable back plate is featured on Warrior’s brand new chest protector. This allows you to adjust the floater and overall chest height whilst allowing adjustments to tighten or loosen the surrounding rib protection.

Sizes & Colors
The Warrior Ritual X3 Pro Senior Chest & Arm Protector comes in a light grey, black and volt colorway in S, M, L, and XL.

Brand Warrior
Quality Performance
Sizing Senior