Warrior Ritual G5 Pro+ Senior Goal Chest Protector


The G5 Pro+ is a great addition to Warrior’s Ritual line of protective goalie equipment. Keeping the main look and feel in the same ballpark while still improving on performance and comfort. Warrior has brought back the HyperComp technology used in the G4 chest protector that was a huge hit with goalies. That, along with the class leading adjustability of the protector itself is what makes the Ritual G5 Pro+ a great option in the premier goalie category.

External Material
Warrior uses nylon and mesh on the exterior of the G5 Pro+ chest protector providing durability while still being comfortable and more importantly breathable preventing you from overheating while you’re on the ice.

Internal Foams
Warrior has brought back their HyperComp material (previously used with the G4) to improve durability and protection in the G5 Pro+ chest. The HyperComp prevents the chest from breaking down and adds an extra layer of stopping power, which will make you more confident on each save.

Shoulder Caps
The shoulder shape is similar to the G4. The shoulder floaters used in the G5 Pro+ allow for increased head mobility. This gives you better vision and more comfortable puck tracking, never having to worry about your mask or lexan getting caught on the shoulders. 

Adjustable Arms
The arms on the G5 Pro+ have best in class protection and mobility. Using Warrior’s Shockshield & AxyFlex technology, the arms provide impeccable protection and net coverage while increasing your range of movement allowing you to make those difficult saves. 

Elbow Caps
The new G5 Pro+ chest has double shield front elbow floaters, providing more protection while also allowing more mobility. These help to cover more area, while also preventing stingers. This chest protector has plastic elbow cups and is extremely adjustable due to the sizing options with either ties or the velcro attachments.

Back Straps
This chest has an endless number of straps, strings and Velcro to guarantee you get the right fit for you. The arms are laced in rather than Velcro, giving a more traditional and solid feel while still being somewhat adjustable. The shoulders have multiple adjustments, for the floaters, chest height and shoulder width.

Brand Warrior
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior