Bauer Supreme ULTRASONIC Senior Goal Chest Protector


The Ultrasonic Chest Protector is Bauers top-of-the-line chest protector. The new AMP arms give a goalie the coverage and protction they want but now with added mobility. It features a collaradjust for a custom fit, bungees on the front for goalies who tuck in, to connect to their pant buttons, and removeable suspender slots.

  • Level: Elite
  • Customized Fit: 360 Coverage
  • Adjustability: Custom collar adjust x2
  • Sternum: Floating SHOCKLITE + PORON with pant conneciton stretch cords
  • Spinal: THERMO CORE with new stability harness + Pant connection strap
  • Belly Pad: SHOCK-LITE
  • Cap: New elbow shape plus HYPERSENSE LINER and SHOCKLITE
  • Cuff: Comfort wrist plus pro wrist protection on catcher side
  • Arms: AMP Arm with CURV + SHOCKLITE
  • Shoulders: CURV-SHOCK-LITE + Removable suspender slots
Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior