CCM AXIS Senior Goal Catcher


CCM Axis Goalie Catcher showcases protection, easy break-in, and comfortable fit. Known exclusively to CCM, D30 Smart Foam is located inside the palm of the glove, a crucial area that needs the very best impact protection from high-velocity shots. Being flexible in its natural state, D30 allows the catcher to easily open and close but then hardens quickly upon absorbing a big slapshot, keeping the hand protected and reducing awful stingers. On the backside, molded high-density foam offers the very best finger protection for goalies when in the RVH. 

The Axis Catcher utilizes a 590 break for easy hand closure and a double tee pocket webbed with skate lace. This makes puck tracking much easier and absorbing big blasts with better control. Just below, a nice big one-piece blocking board gives goalies as much surface as possible to make sure nothing gets by glove side when down in the butterfly.

Wrapping the exterior is, of course, Speed Skin Technology, a highly durable material that resists wear and tear without adding weight to the catcher. Lying beneath the adjustable cuff is a brand new backhand strap to help keep the entire hand locked in during intense gameplay.  Two more straps, one against the fingers and one against the wrist only add more security and better adjustability.