Bauer Supreme ULTRASONIC Senior Goal Catcher


The Ultrasonic Catch Glove is made for the elite goalie. This is Bauer's most popular glove break and now it gets the closure benefits of a Catch lite palm and T trap. It has a larger skate lace pocket double-T for a deeper catching pocket AND Bauer has reinforced the entire cuff with Curv for durability. There is also Curv reinforced on the outer perimeter and PORON for added protection when catching the puck.

Level: Elite

Sizes: REG/FRT


Cuffroll: CURV Reinforced cuff

Palm: CURV Reinforced palm and interior + PORON

Materials: Catchlite palm and T-Trap

T Trap: Skate lace pocket double- T

Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior