Warrior Hockey

Warrior Ritual G5 Senior Goal Blocker


One of the lightest blockers on the market, the Warrior Ritual G5 SR+ looks to improve on performance while keeping the blocker as light as possible. New this year is Warrior’s innovative CoverEDGE+ technology that maximizes coverage with their new face forward design, taking away more of the shooter's angle while the goalie maintains the same positioning.

External Material
Warrior uses regular synthetic leather on the G5 SR+. This combination of the lightweight design with high quality materials reduces unnecessary weight while still providing incredible protection for the goalie.

One of the most user friendly features of Warrior equipment is their removable palms. Warrior allows the palm to be replaced with a different size or change the position of the palm on the blocker board. The G5 SR+ comes stock with a large removable liner.

Side Hand Protection
The side board of the blocker features ample finger protection, designed to fit the goal stick without any weak spots or interference.

The G5 SR+ sports an open cuff promoting a lot of mobility and ease when playing the puck.

Hand Protection
The G5 SR+ blocker has contoured finger protection that is adjustable to make sure your thumb and fingers are fully protected while finding that comfortable fit.

Colors Available
The graphic itself on the pad is aesthetically pleasing and comes in various stock colours. Available palm sizes include intermediate, medium, large, extra-large. Warrior stocks the following colorways in G5 SR+ ; All White, All Black, White/Black, White/Black/Red, White/Red, and White/Royal.

Brand Warrior
Quality Performance
Sizing Senior