Bauer Vapor HYPERLITE Senior Goal Blocker

$449.99 $337.49


Improved Palm: Engineered with a new CONNEKT+ Palm with player dimension palm and also the individual custom length adjustment on the palm itself.

Lighter: The Hyperlite Blocker comes in lighter due to a new asymmetrical free-flex cuff.

Bigger sweet spot core: Uses the new Rebound Boost Core to create a sweet spot core on the blocker face.



  • Blocker Board: REBOUND BOOST CORE + CURV Composite
  • Side Plate: CATCHLITE
  • Palm: 14.5" Connekt+ palm
  • Finger Protection: Adjustable Finger Protection + PORON
  • Cuff: Asymmetrical Aerolite
  • Liner: Connekt+
Brand Bauer
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior