CCM 1.9 Intermediate Goal Pants


New for 2021, CCM continues to push the pace of innovation and design with the latest addition to their protective line. CCM has taken piece from both previous models and generations of pants to bring out one of the most protective and flexible models of pants.

If you are an advanced-level goaltender looking for a high-end pant with solid durability, protection and mobility, look no further than the CCM 1.9 Senior Goalie Pant.

  • Strategic stretch zones allow the goaltender uninhibited mobility
  • Along with maximum mobility
  • The top of the pant allows for easy tucking of the chest protector with a wider top. If you do not tuck your chest, the top can easily be cinched closed to provide a snug fit.
  • New Fit+ inner belt system. These new updates to the belt to make it sit better on the body. The inner belt will have more padding along with better closures, so it feels more comfortable on the body
  • At the hips, the flexmotion design with segmented PE foams for ultimate flexibility
  • Thigh features molded plastic with PE Foam to protect against hard shots. The legs of the pant are not rounded entirely, but curve so they fit when the goaltender goes into the butterfly
  • Molded EVA foam on the spine with segmented construction so the goaltender is protected, but also mobile
Brand CCM
Quality Performance
Sizing Intermediate