True Hockey

True L20.2 Senior Goalie Leg Pads

$1,799.99 $1,349.99

The 20.2 pads are strategically designed to fit closer to the leg and higher on the skate for optimal ankle movement. FRS (fast rotation system) at the calf makes these pads responsive, allowing for quick and easy transitions when needing to drop into the butterfly position.


Innovative Design - featuring a stiffer, lighter, and thinner design, the L20.2 features new high-density foam for faster transitions. 

Recalibrated Foot Positioning - allowing skates to sit freely beneath a flat boot, the redesigned foot angle allows for faster transitions when shifting into the butterfly. 

Increased Flexibility - a 90-degree angle at the foot, the L20.2 pads provide goaltenders with superior flexibility. 

Fast Rotation System - located on the calf, FRS includes double internal adjustable straps for increased stability and even weight distribution. 

External Adjustability System - TRUE's lightweight and precise adjustability system features external 2” nylon straps.

Brand True
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior