CCM AXIS 2 Senior Goal Leg Pads


Don't ever let your equipment slow you down from quick saves. The CCM AXIS 2 goalie pads are lightweight yet stiff and built for extremely powerful rebonds. They feature the DRS Pro, our Dynamic Response System, and an HD one-piece landing zone to increase seal and stability to maximize speed and powerful movements. Transition in and out of your butterfly effortlessly with these game-changing pads

  • Pre-Curved Single Inner, No Break Outer Pad Break
  • DRS Dynamic Response System Pro - HD one-piece Knee Stack 
  • LITEXCORE™ and  MAX REBOUND+ Technology 
  • Quick Motion Strap System 2 
  • 90 Degree with Shallow Channel + Bungee Toe System 
  • Open Cradle with Removable Knee Cradle Wrap 
  • HD Raised Flat Inside Edge Design 
Brand CCM
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior