Warrior Hockey

Warrior Ritual M2 Pro+ Senior Goal Stick


New for 2022, Warrior introduces the next evolution of Ritual composite goalie sticks. 

An elite level goalie who wants the lightest weight Warrior composite stick, a low kick point, and best durability around.

  • Minimus Carbon 25 - composed of the lightest and strongest carbon of all.
  • Designed to withstand the impact of high velocity shots, and provide the longest lasting durability keeping the stick feeling fresh over long amounts of time and high usage.
  • HiFused construction within the paddle to give rigidity and flex
  • On the back of the paddle, a cutout can be found which creates a lightweight build and been strategically reinforced to retain durability. This combination provides a lethal low kick point so goalies can snap off quick outlet passes 
  • Warrior’s Slide Grip technology - with its strategically placed grip and raised grid textures to provide grip 
Brand Warrior
Quality Pro Elite
Sizing Senior